Buying your first pram can be really overwhelming and with hundreds of them on the market, the options can be endless. Here are some things to think about that will hopefully make that important purchase a little bit easier.

Shopping in store

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Google can be your best friend when starting to research, however nothing quite beats the experience of going in to store to touch and feel exactly what you’re buying. The sales assistants will be able to help you compare the different products out there and can offer lots of advice because let’s face it, this can be a minefield!



Whether you want to spend £200 or £2000 there is absolutely a pram out there for you. By setting a budget you can refine what you’re looking for and give you a good starting point. With that said don’t be adverse to looking at strollers slightly outside your budget as often these can have little extra features which may suit your lifestyle perfectly.

Your lifestyle


It is extremely important that you consider your lifestyle when buying your first pram as once you’ve had your baby you don’t want to feel restricted. Think about factors such as such as suspension; do you do a lot of walking or are you in a city? Do you travel a lot and need a carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping?

Having more children

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When you’re a first time parent, having another baby will seem a million miles away, however studies show that most couples will have a baby within 24 months of their first which in some circumstances will require a double pram! There are quite a few models on the market that can be bought as a single stroller and later adapted for two children.

Will it fit into your car?

pram boot trunk

This seems pretty obvious however really think about how easy your stroller will fit into your car boot. Most prams have quick release wheels and can be removed easily to be put into the car but do you really want to have to remove the wheels every time when they could be muddy or wet. Make sure the stroller fits easily and quickly as this is a pram you will use for a long time!

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